Antwan’s Choice

written by young people in Southwark Social Services After Care Team

November 2010

Mum:          I don’t know what happened Antwan, you were such a nice boy.  You aint called in ages, I’ve missed you.  Come back home.  Look, I know your Dads been gone for a long time, it’s hard I know, I miss him too.  Look, Antwan, come home.

Alisha:          Antwan, what’s wrong?  It’s like I don’t recognise you.  Ever since you started hanging round with them boys, there not good for you.  There nothing but trouble.  Look Antwan, I care about you, but you need to make a choice, it’s me or those boys.

J:         Yo fam, you wanna come to ma boys wid me.  He’s got some work for us still.  What you up to Monday because manz gonna get a Q you on dat.

Scene 1

Antwan and mum in the house, mum sitting in the living room, Antwan creeps in through the front door.

Mum:                  Antwan, is that you?!?

Antwan:         yeah…..

Mum:                  Come here!

Antwan:         What?

Mum:                  Where you bin!  You aint called me or text me?

Antwan:         Mum I don’t need your stress; I’ve had a long day man

Mum:         Were have you been?  Where have you bin staying?  You think it’s alright to just disappear for a week?

Antwan:         Look I am not a little boy; I’m a big man now!

Mum:         You know what; if you’re such a big man den you don’t need me….

Antwan:         So what you chucking me out

Mum:         I’m not chucking you out; I just need you to fix up.  You’re a big man, yeah.  You need to stop playing games.  So grow up and be a man.

Antwan:         Mum, why’re you always in my business

Mum:         You know what; I try and try for you.  I bend over backwards for you and this is how you repay me.  You know what, I aint gonna do this no more…

Antwan:         I see what’s going on now, you don’t want me!

[ Antwan walks out ]

Scene 2

Antwan and Alisha meeting at Trafalgar Square, next to the fountain.  Alisha has been shopping and is waiting for Antwan.

Alisha:         Hi babe, how are you?  Longtime…..

Antwan:         Yeah I know…. Where you bin?

Alisha:         Just been shopping innit, for Saturday….. It’s the party!  Your comin right?

Antwan:         oh yeah… the party.  Not sure what’s going on with the boys

Alisha:         You promised…. I’m not liking how we don’t get to meet more often

Antwan:          Yeah I know but your brothers don’t like me as it is already, so….

Alisha:         I know… but you can at least try harder to make time to see me.  It’s always about your boys and your putting me in a position where I’m gonna have to ask you to choose…. me or your boys.

Antwan:         This is very silly, you’re my girl and they’re my boys?

Alisha:         Your starting to make me wonder if this is really worth it [starts to cry]

Antwan:         Starting to make you wonder if what’s worth it…. us?

Alisha:         Do you know what I’ve gone through?  Do you know what my family are saying… You don’t have a clue Antwan!

Antwan:         I don’t need this Alisha; I’ve got enough stuff going on at home

[Antwan storms off]

Scene 3

Antwan and J jammin in the park.  J sat on a bench, Antwan enters with bag.

Antwan:         Yes fam

J:                  Whats good?

Antwan:         Same old, same old

J:                  look a bit pissed still, you wanna talk… I’m here innit.

Antwan:         Cuz, don’t know where to start.  Basically yeah, my mum dropped it on me, said I need to fix up.  I’m not no little boy!  Why she treating me like that?  Listen; can you put me up for a bit?  Need some space innit….

J:         Yeah yeah yeah… Don’t watch nothing fam

Antwan:         Cool cool…  My girl was chattin shit about…

[ little pause ]

J:         About what fam?

Antwan:         chatting about how I’m not spending time with her

J:         That have done fam!  You can’t be letting chicks run your life… did she say anything about me?

Antwan:         No no no…. why you think that?

J:         Ahhh no, I’m just sayin… does she think I’m a bad influence, ha ha!  Anyway, we still on for Saturday?

Antwan:         cause man!  Wouldn’t miss that, please.  Alisha wanted me to come to some party, but I said I had something on with you innit

J:         What you said you were jamming with me?  What you do that for fam?!  Your girl don’t need to know nothing about me….  Meet me at my yard at 12; we’ll go down their together.

Antwan:         Meet you then cuz

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