Community Collaboration

CA  collaborates with Abuja Festival of Theatre (Nigeria) and Theatre Peckham for an acting workshop with youth 21-36. The Improv Circle (IC), an actors training, performance and storytelling invention of CA Artistic Director Chuck Mike was recently introduced  to youth  in South East London at Theatre Peckham.  The IC which has been globally practiced focuses on  heightening the ability  of actors to concentrate, imagine, be spontaneous and work as a team. It does this through the art of  collective storytelling with an emphasis on giving the illusion that there is only one speaker.  The IC has also been traditionally used as part of CA’s auditioning process for its main stage plays.  The workshop with Peckham youth was also in aid of  discerning appropriate youth for a Nigerian/British  play making collaborative project  to be held in Abuja, Nigeria  this summer under the Abuja Festival of Theatre banner.  Last summer Mike attended the festival and gave master classes  in acting and directing. (

He also presented a life time achievement award to nobel laureate and  CA patron Wole Soyinka.

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